Sunday, July 29, 2012

Vern Ayres

Vern Ayres is another player who should be included in the "hockey's wildest misfits" category.

Like the modern-day misfit Steve Durbano, Ayres loved to lap up the liquor and was mean on defense in the NHL. If he wasn't partying in New York Americans owner Bill Dwyer's company, he was belting opponents with his fists or nailing them with very hard, devastating body checks.

Ayres broke in with the New York Americans in 1930-31 and spent three years on the Amerks blueline. He had 97 minutes in penalties in 1932-33 in his 48 games. He was traded to the Montreal Maroons and played much of 1933-34 in the minors. He was traded to the St.Louis Eagles for 1934-35 and gave a real display of why he was one of the hardest bodycheckers in the NHL at the time when he broke a few of Harvey Jackson's ribs with a devastating bodycheck.

However, he was a slow skater, as his 6'2" 220lb body made him a plodder. Anyone with any skating ability could beat him without too much trouble with a good change of speed.

When the Eagles folded, the New York Rangers claimed him but there was no way he could crack the Ranger lineup regularly. He was sent to the minors where he finished his career.

Vern Ayres died February 18th, 1968 while playing in a father-son hockey game for fun. He was 59 years old.

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