Monday, April 9, 2012

Raymie Skilton

This is Raymie Skilton. He is one of many one game wonders in NHL history. He played his lone NHL game way back in 1917, with the Montreal Wanderers.

Yes, there was a team called the Wanderers in the NHL's first season, season. They were one of three NHL teams based out of Montreal - the Canadiens and later the Maroons. Though they had a good local history (winning the Stanley Cup several times in the early 1900s before the NHL existed) the Wanderers did not last very long. After six games their arena burned down, under rather mysterious conditions. They forfeited the rest of their games and never reformed.

Skilton was a rare American player back then. The Boston raised Skilton was actually a munitions expert that the US government posted in Montreal. He expressed a desire play the game, and offered the Wanderers a price they could not refuse: one dollar.

 No newspaper reports suggest much about Skilton's play on that game on December 21st, 1917. No one on the team must have played very well at all in that game, as they lost 11-2 to the Canadiens.

Skilton's military duties must have kept him too busy to remain on the ice. Statistical records suggest Skilton returned to amateur hockey in the Boston area after World War I.

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