Thursday, December 15, 2011

Jerry Shannon

Jerry Shannon patched together a 183 game NHL career in the 1930s. He played with the Ottawa Senators, St. Louis Eagles, Boston Bruins and, for two complete seasons, the Montreal Maroons.

Nicknamed "River" for reasons unknown to me, Shannon was a junior and senior sensation in Niagara Falls, leading the junior Cataracts to a Memorial Cup appearance and the senior Cataracts to an Allan Cup final.

In 1933, Jerry signed as a free agent with the Ottawa Senators along with three Niagara Falls teammates - Ralph "Scotty" Bowman, Max Kaminsky and Walter Kalbfleisch. The Ottawa franchise was relocated in 1934, settling in St. Louis. In 1935 he was traded to the Boston Bruins and then traded to the Montreal Maroons in 1936. In 1938, the Maroons traded Jerry to Cleveland for cash and then he was traded again to Hershey.

Shannon returned home to Ottawa after his professional career was over. He regained his amateur status and returned to senior hockey. He also became legendary for organizing drop in youth hockey games. Kids from all over would show up. No matter how many came, he organized it so that everyone could play.

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Maja Montreal said...

Gerry Shannon was a wnderful role model for youth not just in hockey but in any aspect. I remeber him lettong me ride on his back at Britannia Beach because I didn't like walking through the weeds in the water. We loved going over to his place where his wife always had a treat for us!

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